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Home Care vs Care Home

At AMD, we understand deciding whether to be cared for at home or in a care home can be a difficult choice for people to make for loved ones or even themselves.

We see first-hand the benefits of being able to stay in your own home and what positive impacts this has on our clients. It can also be a far cheaper option.

From being in your own surroundings and keeping your pets, to being able to see family and friends, having care at home can allow clients to maintain their independence and continue to live the way they wish too.

Support can be tailored to the client’s needs and this can be easily and quickly adjusted if the client’s situation and care needs increase.

Home care can be very flexible. You may start with a few visits per day, to help with medication and personal care, to then moving towards a Live in Carer who is there to support and be a companion 24 hours a day.

One to one, person centred care is not always easy to achieve in care homes, often resulting in a decline in an individual’s health, which may not have happened if they had been cared for in their own home. Several studies show that moving from familiar surroundings can cause stress, anxiety and a decline in health conditions or even new ones arising.

However, people may choose a care home if they feel their loved one living at home is not an option anymore. Care homes can also provide organised activities and outings to keep individuals stay engaged, active and chatting with other residents, which may sometimes be difficult to achieve if the person is only having visiting care a few times a day.

Being at home means familiar surroundings, personalised care, family and friend’s participation and increased independence. These are all factors which will benefit an individual’s quality of life for as long as possible, which is something we strive to achieve at AMD Care.

To find out more about Live in or Visiting care, contact our friendly team in the office on 01277 890051.

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