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A checklist of questions to ask a care company

Choosing the right care package for a loved one can be a hard rational and emotional decision and often involves multiple parties in that decision around the patient.

It is important to find a solution that you are all comfortable with and meets all your needs. Everyone’s sum of needs are different, be those physical, mental, emotional or cultural amongst others.

When you start to think about care for a loved one, we advise write down a list of non-negotiable and optional needs, and give yourself time to do your research. Involve your loved one in the decision as it’s crucial for them to feel some control and independence.

Once you know what you type of care you need, create a shortlist of companies who can provide those services. Recommendations from others are always useful. We recommend speaking to at least two or three to be able to make a good comparison. Review the company's credentials and mission statement, look at their staff recruitment procedures and training for different patient conditions. Then the crucial step is speaking with the care providers face to face.

We have put together a list of ten questions that we think act as a good checklist of important things to check but of course, your personal set of circumstances will suggest some personalised additions to this.


  1. What services can/ will the care assistant undertake and not do?

  2. Will my loved one have dedicated carers? If so, can we meet the carer before the contract starts?

  3. Who will be the main contact person if I need information, have a question or problem?

  4. Do you currently provide care for people with similar needs?


  1. What are your policies around carers running late/ off sick/holidays etc?

  2. What are your policies for an emergency?

  3. Can you provide carers at the times I need help?

  4. Am I able to change the level of care according to changing needs?


  1. How do you charge? (Does this change according to day/time/holiday time?)

  2. Are there any other extra charges I need to know about, such as travel expenses or call-out fees?

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