Our Services

Domiciliary Care

... is for anyone who wants to stay at home while receiving the treatment they need and can be beneficial to people of all ages. Treatment can include recuperation, convalescence, rehabilitation and re-enablement helping you or your loved one regain independence.

Our trained Carers can provide medical support and assist with administration of medication, catheter care, convene. We have specialist staff to assist with PEG Feeding, administration of specialist medication (such as Buccal medication).

All our staff are managed by the AMD team of Qualified Nurses who will work with you to create a bespoke care plan for your needs. We also work closely with District Nurses / Occupational Therapists which allows us to jointly deliver an exceptionally high standard of Care.

As a client you will be part of creating your own bespoke Care Package and you will be cared for by one of our highly trained Carers. They will help you achieve your goals and we will work with you to meet your needs on a daily basis.

All our plans are flexible and we understand the need to amend Care Plans as your well-being improves. We offer support throughout your experience with AMD Care and your journey back to good health. We ensure your needs are of paramount importance.

Palliative Care / Respite Care

At AMD Care we understand the importance of ‘end of life’ support and we take time to listen and sensitively accommodate the wishes of the client and their family.

At AMD Care we are here to support and offer guidance at this stressful time. All Carers are highly trained and empathic to the needs of the individual with a Care Plan specially designed to meet their needs. We work closely with the local hospices across Essex to help provide an exceptionally high quality service.

We agree a Care Plan that is tailored to your personal needs and choices. Our dedicated Care Assistants support our customers to be as comfortable as possible in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Often family members do not wish to leave their loved ones and often stay at home at all times. AMD Care offer a Respite Service where staff will care for your family whilst you take a little time to do your normal daily activities. We offer a short sit in service from 2 hours up to 8 hrs a day. If you are in need of a short break a full time carer can be provided to give you the assurance your family member is safe and cared for in the hands of our staff.

Dementia Care

When a person with dementia finds that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. The people closest to them – including their carers, friends and family – need to do everything they can to help the person to retain their sense of identity and feelings of self-worth.

Living with dementia can be a bewildering experience, requiring significant lifestyle changes for the whole family. At AMD Care our specialist dementia care services can provide the essential support you need during this time. Dementia care on which you can rely, with confidence. Dementia Care you can trust.

We understand the emotional, social and practical challenges of living well with dementia. Gradually the world of the person with dementia and their family carers shrinks as the disease progresses. Maintaining a life outside of the home or indeed sharing the closeness you once had together can often become difficult. This together with the demands of practical care and support can leave you feeling isolated and exhausted.


You may find that you or your family member is spending too much time alone and needs a companion for a few hours a day … someone you can trust and be reassured they are being cared for. AMD Care offer that Companionship Service.

Our staff at AMD Care can attend hospital appointments, dentist appointments or social events to ensure you or your family member is not socially isolated.